In Case You Forgot..

You have the power to lift yourself higher than you ever dreamed imaginable.  

A Beautiful Voice Forever Silenced

Were you a fan of 90’s alternative rock? It was 1994 and I remember being pregnant with my daughter and listening to the baritone of Chris Cornell and ‘Sound Garden’ playing “Black Hole Sun” as I commuted to work.

Want to Avoid becoming the “Wicked Step Mother/Father”? Here’s How

Are you or anyone you love remarried with children? Has the “going” been tougher than you thought? You’re not alone, Today 4 in 10 new marriages involve remarriage. In this article I’d like to share a little wisdom gleaned from my own experience as a Mom and a Step-Mom of some really great (now grown) kids.

My New Blueprint For Life!

I love my life! It’s not perfect, but I am perfectly happy and look for joy every day.  How about you? Now that I’ve got a few articles under my belt I think it’s time to share my personal journey to finding peace of mind.  In this article I’ll talk about how good habits and goals…

Loving Yourself is the Key to Happiness

Do you take the time to love yourself or do you deny yourself because you think it’s selfish? Growing up, my family taught me it was selfish to take care of myself, to love myself. What was I doing, they’d ask. You’re a woman and your responsibility as a caregiver is to push aside […] via…

Stop & Breathe — How I Overcame this Year’s Holiday Entertaining Anxiety

Last week I hosted Christmas at my house. It started out the same as it does every year, with me getting tired just thinking about the day ahead. The day hadn’t started and I was feeling anxious already. The biggest hurdle with hosting parties for me is the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. Everything has to be perfect, after all, my guest’s holiday experience is a direct reflection on me, right?