Should you be Committed?

I can hardly believe that another year has passed and it’s 2018!  What about New Year’s resolutions, have you made any?    Instead of the same old resolutions, why not make commitments.  After all, don’t we ‘commit’ to things like marriage? We don’t make marriage ‘resolutions’ we make vows and vows are commitments we make to our partners in life.


What is a Commitment and why make them?

Living a continually richer, fuller life involves lots of growth.  Commitments steer us to our desired results and without them we won’t accomplish much. Creating the right commitments will get you to start living whatever your version of a much cooler life is.  Think of  your commitments as checkpoints of success on your life’s map.  It’s tough to get to where you want to be without clear direction and a plan to get you there.  Imagine getting into your car and driving without any destination.  That might be fun at first but you’ll eventually get lost and tired.  Your life works the same way, so you need a ‘map’.

road to success


Commit to creating balance in your life!

Everyone needs a well-balanced life.  If I’m to be a better human being in 2018 then I need specific commitments that will get the ball rolling in that direction.  Destination ‘better human being’, here I come!


How to create commitments to bring balance:

Below is an example of the process I used this year to create meaningful, results-driven commitments to become stronger in areas where I know I need growth.  I started creating commitments by jotting down the kind of stuff I do on a daily basis in no particular grouping or order.  I wrote down things like grocery shopping, dinner with kids, paying bills, working out, going to work.  By the time I was finished I’d had a bunch of different things on my list.  I grouped all of the items into personal life categories.   It just so happens that I love reading, learning and being healthy way more than I love balancing my checkbook.   As a result my personal growth, and health categories get more attention than my financial category does.  Adding a financial commitment is now a priority for me.   Do you put a lot more time into one particular area?  If you do, consider shaping a commitment around whatever area of your life that needs the extra attention.  Here is a list of things I do on a regular basis, after I categorized everything:

  • Family 
    • Dinner with kids
    • Call my parents
    • Call my Mother-in-law
    • Quality time with my husband
  • Health
    • Working out
    • Planning healthy meals
    • Grocery shop
    • Read Women’s Health magazine
  • Finance
    • Pay bills
  • Career
    • Go to work
    • Check work email from home
    • Tend to on-call issues
    • Take work-related courses
  • Personal growth
    • Read
    • Recite affirmations
    • Meditation
    • Watch videos created by respected teachers and coaches (Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Eben Pagan, Suzy Ormond just to name a few)
  • Recreation/hobbies
    • Watch movies
    • Shopping
    • Get together with friends
    • Create blog content
    • Research new ideas for blog
  • Community


If I were retired or independently wealthy, “Career” may not be one of my categories.  However, “Health”, “Finances” and “Personal Growth” should be a category on everyone’s list.  You might have more or fewer categories and there is no “right or wrong” way to categorize your own life!  After evaluating my list, I could clearly see that my commitments needed to include items for “community” and “finance” categories to be sure!  I chose not to add commitments to every life category so as not to get overwhelmed.

My Commitments for 2018

  • Career – I commit to Mastering Java Script and REACT (My day job is in the Technology field.)
  • Family – I commit to sitting down to have dinner with my kids once a week.
  • Personal Growth – This year I commit to Giving 2 workshops and/or to speaking at 2 conferences
  • Finance – Along with my husband I commit to creating our will.
  • Finance – I commit to paying off my credit card balance every month.
  • Finance – I commit to learning the new tax laws.
  • Community – I commit to pledging a monthly donation to two charitable organizations.

If you’ve made it this far, then I have a hunch that you are someone who is highly motivated and looking to get more out of life.  Consider sitting down for 20 minutes to go through this exercise.  Once you’ve written down your commitments, post the list where you can see it every day.  Read your commitments and remember them throughout the day.   Give yourself something to celebrate next year!

wheel of life2


I hope this article gives you direction.  By the way, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments from last year! Spend an equal amount of time reflecting on all of the cool stuff you’ve done so far.  You deserve it!


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Much Love!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Jonathan Clark says:

    Hi Kim!

    I agree that making strong commitments is key to personal growth, achieving goals, and overall happiness. Grouping your commitments into categories as you showed is a great approach and helps to make sure we are balanced across the important areas of our lives. My wife and I have celebrated our 2017 accomplishments and are on our way to making progress on our 2018 goals!

    Thanks for sharing!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Time to be Fearless says:

      Hi Jonathan! Thank you for reading and following. I love sharing with likeminded bloggers such as yourself. Your article was not a new concept but one that bears repeating over and over. Nicely written!


      1. Jonathan Clark says:

        Hi Kim. Were you referring to one of my blogs? If so I could not tell which one you read. Which one was it? Also, thanks for the compliment!


      2. Time to be Fearless says:

        Oh Gosh.. I’m not sure I think that may have been to a different post. However, I did just jump over to your blog and really related to the experiences you outlined in “Common Growing Pains of a Blended Family”. Everything was Spot on. Thanks for sharing! I wish I’d had something like this when the kids were younger…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Jonathan Clark says:

        Oh wow, thanks so much Kim! The whole reason I write the blended family blog is to help other families navigate the challenges and flourish. Your comment means a lot! I have a personal development blog too at . I look forward to reading more of your content and exchanging thoughts! Let’s keep in touch 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Time to be Fearless says:

        Hi Jonathan, just followed your site. I could fully relate to your article on anxiety.. right down to the blogging anxiety! Thanks😊 made me smile and write down some of the things I am grateful for..

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Jonathan Clark says:

        Aww, thanks so much Kim! As you certainly know, it always feels good when you are able to write something that connects or moves someone. I really appreciate your support and look forward to communicating and growing together! I will add you following me to my gratitude list 🙂


      6. Time to be Fearless says:

        Thanks so much. 🙂


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