Summer Fun on Block Island!

Do you have a favorite summer destination?  My husband and I are graced with the ability to travel to different cool  shoreline spots with our boat, but by far one of our favorite places to go is Block Island, Rhode Island.   This year we celebrated July 4th on “Block” (as it is affectionately known).  We’ve spent many July 4th’s on this tiny island located just 15 Miles East of Long Island’s South Fork.  The trip this year did not disappoint!

One of the weekend highlights was having  my husband’s son, Michael Jr.,  make the journey for the first time on his own boat.  Naturally when Mike’s son, Michael Jr. ever made the trip with a buddy on their own, my husband was beaming with pride!

Michael Jr on Ballard’s dock

My husband has loved boating since he was a little kid spending time on his Dad’s fishing boat  in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

Michael Jr.’s trip reminded me of our early days as boaters.  Frought with mis-haps, mechanical problems but always fun!  Their trip was nearly flawless, until they reached Ballards dock in Old Harbor where their motor stalled.  Thankfully all turned out well.

We stayed on our boat at Payne’s dock in New Harbor.   Payne’s has been a Block Island landmark for generations.

We docked directly next to Mahogany Shoals, a local watering hole providing live music nightly by some of the local talent.  Most evenings from where we were docked we’d listen to humorous folksy songs like “I am my own Grandpa” and “Drunken Sailor”.  None of the words to the songs made sense, but you could make out the melody. Our entertainer sang for hours, and didn’t stop singing even to clip his nails!

Mahogany Shoals pub at Payne’s Dock.

Mike’s son wasn’t the only one who had a “mechanical mishap” that weekend.  On Sunday July 2nd I was leaving my friend’s rented beach cottage and had one too.

I was carrying lots of bags, a new camera, and was wearing strappy, loose fitting sandals.  These were the kind of sandals that no one in their right mind would decide to ride a bike in.  Not having thought through the footwear situation fully, I decided to hop on a rented bike.  After zipping down a grassy hill leaving my friend’s cottage, one of the straps from my sandal slowly twisted around the pedal of my bike.   Awkwardly the bike slowed to a stop where I toppled down onto the grass on the side of the road.  My bags, camera, and sandals were strewn about.   Naturally, this happened on a well-traveled street with lots of cars driving by and people everywhere.

I wasn’t embarrassed until a thoughtful family in  a small mini-van saw me fall, pulled over and said, “Oh Sweetie, do you need us to bring you somewhere?”  Mortified, I said “No Thank you.” I gathered my bags, and hopped back on my rented bike.  What I must have looked like!

Mike and I getting ready to watch the parade at the National Hotel. Appropriate biking footwear and all!

On the Morning of July 4th, (this time wearing good old tennis shoes) Mike and I took our bikes to the National hotel to get a decent spot for the annual July 4th parade.  The parade route passed by the hotel porch and we were lucky enough to get spots directly at the porch bar, a perfect perch for viewing the parade.  We could see folks flooding to the island by the hundreds from all over the East Coast.  The streets were crowded with pedestrians along with bicyclists, cars, scooters and motorcycles.

For 5 nights and 6 days we enjoyed the nightlife of our regular haunts like, The National Hotel, and the Yellow Kitten.

Dave and Kim (our boat mates) were great sports, they let me follow them around with my  new camera like paparazzi.  (I tried to get a little too fancy with the photography. Thanks for your patience guys!)

It was a fabulous weekend, with some very close a special people.

We will be back next year, God willing!

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