A Beautiful Voice Forever Silenced

Were you a fan of 90’s alternative rock?   It was 1994 and I remember being pregnant with my daughter and listening to the baritone of Chris Cornell and ‘Sound Garden’  playing “Black Hole Sun” as I commuted to work.  That was the first thing
that came to mind as I heard the news of the Sound Garden lead singer’s passing Wednesday of an apparent suicide.   A friend of mine said “He had so much going for him, why would he do that?”   We’ll likely never know what lead this talented, and loved musician to take his own life.  Mental illness doesn’t know any social class, race, age group or religion.  It strikes the poor, the wealthy and everyone in between.

One thing I do know is that talent and success can make life for those who struggle more difficult.  Success brings greater responsibility and the perception of needing to maintain that identity can be overwhelming.

I hope Chris’ passing will move us closer to a heightened awareness of the struggle millions of Americans face daily who suffer with depression and other mental health disorders.

Thank You for reading this article.  Please leave your thoughts, comments or simply share.

Be Fearless,




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