Destination Belize, April 2017 (Part #1)

I don’t normally blog about travel, but am taking a little detour from the regular self-help, love-yourself prattle that I usually write about.  As I sit next to my husband Mike, on the plane returning from our trip to Central America, I struggle to decide which experience to share first.  The whole trip was exciting, and even Mike who wasn’t so sure about this vacation was left with a sense of amazement and complete enrichment.  Much to my pleasure, he even thanked me for taking him! Never before have we been to a location with such a diverse style of living, gorgeous snorkeling and dive spots with an added allure of some really strange Mayan history.

Mike and I boarding our flight to Ambergris Caye on Tropic Air.

You can get lost in the lifestyle of Belize and easily stay for a month or two just exploring the jungle, coastline and islands of this melting pot of ethnicity.

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The main language in Ambergris Caye is English, although most locals are multi-lingual and speak Spanish, Kriol, or Maya too.  (Most of the children are multi-lingual, and to think I was so proud of myself when I finished that first Spanish section in Rosetta Stone.) We stayed in the heart of San Pedro, a hustling “city” located at the tip of the peninsula located a 1.5 hour ferry ride northeast of Belize City.

Image from Mike’s phone at our location in Ambergris Caye, San Pedro.

Ambergris Caye San Pedro:  We stayed at a clean, well-appointed resort in the heart of Ambergris Caye, San Pedro.  The vibe in the city is friendly and the locals are busy running their daily lives or operating one of the many local tourist shops.

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Most roads are not paved. I laugh to think that I brought heels!   Comfortable shoes and flip flops (many pairs) are a must because San Pedro is not known for it’s paved roadways and solid municipal infrastructure.  When we weren’t exploring the rest of the country of Belize we spent time zipping around town in our golf-cart and walking along the beach.  All of our days ended with our clothes and shoes covered in dust.  At times we felt like actors in a spaghetti western meets Ginger of Gilligan’s Island type sit-com.

There are a few places which offer wonderful swimming,  (This is a must to know, since seaweed covers the majority of beaches.) and we visited a couple of those spots.   Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye is a beautiful hidden gem which is tough to find but well worth the effort.  There is an adventure in just getting there.

Palapa Bar & Grill, is a restaurant with live music and a party atmosphere right over the water offers swimming too.


There are very few cars in the town of San Pedro.  Everyone uses golf carts to get around which is very cool, but you will get dusty (notice I’m stressing the dust?).  I recommend that you get a golf-cart, since walking around amongst all of the golf cart traffic can get dicey.  We happened to fall into a good deal on one after breakfast on the third day of our stay.  A  Lebanese gentleman smoking a joint in the seating area of his restaurant called us over to ask if we were interested in renting one of his golf-carts.  He also offered us some of his joint.  We took the deal and although tempted, we declined the weed.

IMG_2285 2
Negotiated a great deal on our golf-cart from Billy at Billy’s Kitchen.
My husband Mike, proudly displaying our newly rented golf cart. (“The best push-cart driver in San Pedro!” Cool Runnings reference)

Restaurants, beach bars, and shops all add to the party atmosphere in San Pedro.  The weather was sunny.  The days were hot, beautiful and April is one of the best times to visit.

To Be Continued…

Up Next: The Dangers you need to be aware of when visiting San Pedro.

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All the best!


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